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Meticulously designed to frame their natural settings, Aman destinations are renowned for space and privacy. Each welcomes guests as if to the home of a close friend, instilling a sense of peace and belonging amid some of the most diverse natural and historical landscapes.

It is an approach that has changed little since 1988 when the first retreat was built on Phuket’s west coast. It was named Amanpuri, meaning ‘place of peace’, and Aman was born.

Today, Aman embraces 33 resorts, hotels, and private residences in 20 countries. Aman continues to seek out transformative experiences and awe-inspiring locations around the world with a further seven coming soon, taking the brand to 40 resorts in 22 countries.

Ranked number 1 in the Top Luxury Hotel Brands 2018 – Luxury Travel Intelligence

Aman New York - Coming Soon and using UV Pro-MAX throughout the iconic building on Fifth Avenue, New York to sterilize, sanitize and purify.

Aman New York


Aman uses UV Pro-MAX in resorts all around the world to sterilize, disinfect and purify wherever possible. So whether it is front of house, food and beverage, back office or wellness spa they can rest assured that they are providing eco-friendly sanitization to the highest degree for guests and staff alike.

UV Sterile Pro is very appreciative and extremely proud to have been selected by Aman to supply UV Pro-MAX to their resorts around the world. 

AMANKORA - Kingdom of Bhutan


AMANSARA - Cambodia



AMANJENA - Morocco

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